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Fagan Legacy: Generation 2.2


So now that Siobhan is here, it's time I got myself a job. Especially since Mum and Da
refuse to pay for my video games.
Seamus: It was nearly £50 for one!
But it was Silent Hill.
Murphy's a closet Pyramid Head fanboy.

Oh, and Siobhan's room needed redecorating. The last people wot lived in it were Connor
and me. I didn't see anything wrong with the space motif, but Meadow insisted on the flowers
and bees. What if we have boys, I said. There's bees, she says. Boys like bees, don't they? she
says. *facepalm*
Murphy, were is Siobhan?
She's, er . . . she's in her crib, isn't she?
. . . no.

Oh, there she is. I found her, everyone! No worries, I found the baby, she was at the bottom of
the stairs!

Just so we clear, I'm sorry for whatever happens. Ever.

Mum's nearing fifty, so she went out and paid £15 for a haircut. £15. I thought Da
was gonna have a fit. She says she needs to try looking younger now she's a grandmother. Dunno
why. Someone already mistook her for my wife. Excuse me while I dry heave.

Connor comes by sometimes. He doesn't live far, just two streets off. He married some bloke
about a month ago (not the snakeskin one wot convinced him to drop out of university). They've
got a son, Daniel, and don't ask me how that's possible because I don't think I want to know.

. . . ta very much, Connor.
Connor: Sure ting, bruddah. Oh, you want me to put her away?
It might be nice.
Connor: Daniel's got no problems sleeping on the floor at my house, but if that's the
way you're raising your daughter, alright.

'Cos since I've come on home, well my body's been a mess
And I've missed your ginger hair and the way you like to dress
Won't you come on over, stop making a fool out of me
Why won't you come on over Valerie, Valerie?

Meadow's great at the parenting thing, though. Took to it like . . . well, like I took to
making grilled cheese, innit. The other night Siobhan was crying and fuck if I knew what she
wanted. Meadow's up and out of bed and changing her without so much as a sniff to see
if she'd soiled her nappy.

. . . room in there for t-
Meadow: No.

Being grandparents has been tough on both Mum and Da. Just yesterday Da, the amazing cook, burnt
pancakes. Pancakes. Think he's losing it.

But what's this? Tara Pratt (really, it's okay to giggle) sneaking away from our doorstep?
Whatever could this be for?

Nice. Now maybe if I just . . . clean it a little. Filthy lamp.


Jean Genie: *is magical*

Jean Genie: I'm here to grant you three wishes. Anything you'd like,
but choose wisely, for -
Right, could I just have piece of mind, wealth and a longer life, pleaseandthanks?
Jean Genie: If that is what you'd li-
It is.
Jean Genie: It is done.

You know, until you've got a daughter of your own, you don't quite realise how terrifying
it really is every time they get older. I'm already thinking of the day Siobhan'll be leaving
for the same university I went to and hey, Meadow? Maybe we shouldn't let our daughter enroll
in La Academie, yeah?

onyourown: *worryworryworry*

. . . .

I dunno. Maybe she'll grow into it? Eh.
Shut yer feckin mouth, she's beautiful, she is.


Er . . . Seamus? What are you doing?
Seamus: I'm throwing away this rotten newspaper, aren't I?
Just . . . don't look behind you.
Seamus: Sure ting, luv.

Meet Dan Abnormal, the newest Fagan. Meadow was desperate for a new kitten and who was I to
say no?
Dan Abnormal = Damon Albarn because I am a giant fangirl.

Oi! Who didn't bring the cat inside?

Meadow: Potty training: it r hrd.


Her looks are starting to grow on me. She has her mother's nose and her dad's big eyes, so
maybe it'll all come together when she grows up. Hopefully.

Yeah. Growing on me.

Hey, Meadow, how was work, can we have a kiss?
Meadow: BLERGH.
Oh. I see how it is. No need to spell it out for me.

Murphy, that's morning sickness.
Oh. Nice.

Apparently, I'm more like my da than I thought, because when Meadow went into labour, I was at
work. Thankfully, Da was home, so it wasn't so bad. I guess.


Meet the edlest boy, Kian (pronounced KEY-in).

Aaand the hand-off. Ah, Jesus. This picture is also here because Meadow and Seamus have three
bolts, as opposed to Meadow and Murphy's two, and they're so freaking cute together I almost
want to let them have an affair. I am a bad, bad person.

Boy Number Two, Ruari (pronounced RO-ree).

And the second (and hopefully last of Gen Three) girl, Eibhleann (AVE-linn).

onyourown: SOB.

Connor, Murphy, Niamh and Meadow are packaged and should be up for download on the Adopt-A-Fagan page tomorrow. There are also a few videos of the Fagans here. No reason for them, they're just cute.


YAY YAY YAY FAGANS! Ick, triplets! They are no fun. D:

And YAY Fagans for download!
I stopped playing right after the triplets were born because I was ready to have a heart attack. Haha. I'm not used to playing so many people in the house I kind of freak out when I can't have control over all of them.

And just as soon as I figure out why MegaUpload hates me so much, I'll get them up.

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