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hogan's hereos // hg and jg

onyourown in pukes_rainbows

James Legacy: Generation 1.0 (ISBI)

After seeing how much super big fun time the I'm Surrounded By Idiots legacy challenge brought steezie_k, I couldn't stop myself from joining in. This will be FUN.

Okay. So, right. Hello, YouTube! My name is Antoinette James and I'm from the North of England.
No need to ask where, it doesn't matter.

I just moved to Dame de Lotus after finishing university. My mum and dad gave me some of money
to buy a house and I actually found a nice one that I could afford!
I was never terribly good at making conversation in school and that, so I thought maybe I
should try this instead. We'll see how . . . .

. . . .

Ooh, butterfly.

. . . bugger.

Anyway, I just got a job in the marine field as a chummer. Basically, I make chum. Glamourous,
I know, but really I'm trying to get a job in the law field. I mean, how exciting would that

But really, I'm a painter at heart. Mum says I've always been that way. Says when I was little,
I didn't mind not having any friends 'cause I'd just draw them . . . I don't really know what
that says about me.

Anyway, before I moved here, my Aunt Annie said she'd heard about all of the weird people who
live here in Dame de Lotus. I wouldn't say my nieghbours are weird, exactly. They are . . .
interesting, though.

I decided to force myself to go downtown and see what's what. I tried to be polite and say
hello to everyone around, but . . .

The people at the pub didn't really seem interested.

Can't imagine why.

Most of the people seemed more interested in playign card games or whatever. One of them
happened to be this well fit bloke I was dying to say hello to, but . . . well, he
looked busy. I didn't want to bother him, now did I?

I tried my hand at poker, but I think they caught on that I can't play. Shame. I was just
learning how to shuffle. Hm.

The weirdest thing happened, though, and I know you YouTubers won't believe me, but I swear
there was a woman that was ~*~sparkling~*~. I am so very serious.

There was this guy called Francis at the club, too. I tried to talk to him, but he just wasn't
having it. Which is all well and good, since I'm almost positive he had elf ears.

I am telling you, guys, if you want to find some handsome men, come to Dame de Lotus. Just
be careful. I met one tonight called Connor and before I could chat him up, he started talking
about his husband, Andrew, and their son, Brian.

Ah, well.

Oh, I was wondering, have any of you lot ever seen those things they have at the clubs? They're
like . . . these circular things and you put your hands and feet in the grips and it spins.
I tried it out tonight and, I have to admit . . . .

. . . I'm a natural at it!

So it's, like . . . three in the morning now and I should be going to sleep, but I've been
having these nightmares lately and it makes it hard, you know? Like . . . I'll be sleeping
just fine and next thing I know, I'm awake and I don't remember anything about the dream, but
I'll know it's a nightmare. Anyone else have that problem.

Oh, well. I guess I should at least try. Maybe I'll read a little of that Ron Hansen book.
I hear it's good.


Good morning, YouTubers! I just wanted to say thanks for all of your reviews. I was really
surprised by the response! Except for that one from BoobieTittyTaTas. No, I will
not show you my tits. Pervert.

I took all of your advice and I think it's working! I haven't had a nightmare in a few days.
So yay, thanks!

Oh! And I met this bloke from work.

His name is Shea Livingstone and he is so cute. He's a ginger (which is fine 'cause I'm
a big fan of the ging!), he has such a lovely voice and I'm in love with his glasses!
He comes home from work with me nearly everyday and we have such a nice time.

I feel so comfortable with him and we flirt so much. I didn't even know I could
flirt! Ha ha ha!

. . . I think he likes me!

But we've been very good about things. He's a real gentleman and we've decided not to
rush things.

Too much.

And he's so smart! He wants to be a policeman, but he's doing the same thing I'm
doing and chumming temporarily until there's an opening in his field.

OH! That's the phone. Maybe it's Shea! Gotta go. Buy, guys!


Ohmygod, you guys, ohmygod!

Shea moved in! We were just talking and he said he lived in a caravan nearby and he really
liked my place and he liked being with me, so I asked him to move in and he said yes! I'm so
happy! I really think he's the one!

We even bought a puppy together! Her name is Tulip and the man at the animal shelter said he
thinks she's a small dog. I just know I love her. Isn't she cute?

Shea always insists on cleaning the dishes. I'm such a pig and he's so clean. I don't know
how we do it, but we do!

I have been feeling a bit ill lately, though. I think maybe I ate something bad last night.
I've been sick nearly every morning. Blech.

But Shea always makes me feel better.


I'M PREGNANT! That's right, YouTubers, your Antoinette is officially up the duff. I know, I
know. Shea and I really should have been more careful, but these things happen, I guess. He's
very, very happy and I am too. We talked about getting married, but decided against it. We're
happy together the way we are, why should I have to take his name to prove it, you know?

Shea was promoted to dolphin . . . something, I can't remember. Anyway, his hours are shorter,
now, so he's been playing a lot piano. He's quite good, actually. I asked him one day why he
didn't become a musician and he asked me why I didn't become a painter. Fair enough.

So I just wanted to let you lot know what was going on and everything. I'm due next month,
so wish me luck! Okay, goodbye!


Right. I'm no good at this. Anyway, this is Shea, Nette's boyfriend. She wanted to make you
lot a video herself, but she's in hospital right now. A couple of days ago, she had our baby,
Zerelda. Antoinette wants you to know that she took all of your suggestions on what to do
during . . . it, but she decided to just get the epidural.

They're both doing fine and Nette says she'll try and make a video as soon as she gets home and
everything settles down.

Right. How do you turn this thing off? Shit, what have I just done. Oh, everything's all . . .
swirly. That's weird. Oh, wait, here's the button. Wait, hold on -


Hi, guys! I know it's been forever, but I really didn't realise how hard it was to be
a mum! Zee is doing brilliantly. Shea and I just adore her. Speaking of Shea,
I saw all of those comments you guys made on his video. Naughty, naughty. He's mine, anyway.
Ha ha ha!

Anyway, it was Zee's birthday yesterday! She's already growing up, can you believe it?

She's beautiful! Shea says he loves her little piggy nose. Ha ha ha! That's her party
hair in this picture, here. See? It was hell to keep straight, so we had it cut.

I think this one suits her better, don't you think?

I've been trying to teach her how to talk when I'm home.

It hasn't really been working well, I don't think. Unless she's Russian and we don't know it,
yet, because she keeps shotuing "NYET!" at us. Ha ha ha!

No, Zee! Don't lay on Tulip's bed, you know the puppy doesn't like it!


Oh my goodness, you guys, it's been ages! I didn't even realise how long until I
looked at my e-mail and saw all your comments asking where I was! So this is just a quick
update because I just love you guys soooo much!

Right, so since we last spoke, I've had another baby. His name is Jesse and he looks just
like his sister. Shea was all shades of disappointed. He wanted at least one ginger baby. I've
already told him two is my limit. He'll have to hope either Zerelda or Jesse marries a ginger
and has little ginger babies! Ha ha ha!

Jesus, Shea, you reek. Have you taken a shower yet?
Shea: Adolphinpeedonme.
Shea: I said a dolphin peed on me!
. . . oh. Um . . . alright, then, luv.
Shea: I'll just be in the shower.
Shea: For awhile.
Okay, luv.

Anyway, that's all that's been going on, lately. Shea and Zee are both so excited about
Winter. We even have snow now!

I'll try and make another video soon. Until then, bye guys. Have a lovely weekend!


- Don't worry, the Fagans will be updated soon. Antoinette was made while I was waiting for all of the essential hacks to update for Apartment Life. Now that ACR is working, I'll try and get back into the Fagan household as soon as I can.
- Antoinette is a Maxis-made Sim, but I'm so in love with her, I had to use her. She has ten nice points. Seriously.
- Ohmygah, Shea is actually self-reliant. So far. Aside from never taking a shower and constantly feeding Jesse when he should be eating instead.
- The Fagans have TAKEN OVER THE NEIGHBOURHOOD. The only Fagans Antoinette didn't meet were Seamus, Meadow and Murphy. She met Tristen, Connor, Niamh, Andrew (Connor's husband) and . . . whats-his-name (Niamh's boytoy).
- Jesse James and Zerelda James What? The originals were related before getting married!
- Grown-up Tulip is actually kind of terrifying.


i like this legacy and your founder is soo cute :D i love the green eyes and black hair combination :D
Thank you and I'm glad you like it!

January 2009

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