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blur // for the win!

onyourown in pukes_rainbows

First of all, it will be a little while before the James or the Fagans are updated. It's my fifth year of NaNo and it is EATING ME ALIVE. Oh, and I'm finishing up my last two quarters of university. BUT NANO.

Second, I have a question. Just looking for opinions (if anyone reads the non-Legacy updates anymore, haha). Seamus is about seven Sim days from aging up. I have a hard time letting go (Zeus? Never ever going to die), so I'm weighing a few options. I can either A) Let him age and die like a normal Sim, B) Give him some more of the lovely green juice I vowed to stop using when Murphy came back from college or, C) Make him a vampire. You know, Bluebell, Max and Kameron style-like.

Hm. We'll see.

Once I get a breather from my NaNo, the James Legacy will be updated. BABIIIIES.


Nano is so kicking my ass. x_x

VAMPIRE. HE WOULD BE SO HOT AS A VAMPIRE. The other win thing about it is you always have a vamp that you can call up later. One of my gen 2 rowan kids got vamped, and now I just visit her whenever I want another vamp. XD
I'm at 13k and I still have a Visual Basic lab due . Oh, goodness.

I'm very, very tempted to call up the Count at this point. I was going to do it to one of the Gen 3 kids, but they're growing up now and I'm really only finding myself attached to one. And ti would probably break my heart for Seamus to die.

I'm also dying to have something interesting to happen in the Fagan household. And what would be more fun than the kind of drama the Spencer household has with Max? NOTHING, that's what.

January 2009

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