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spn // frontierland // dean 2

onyourown in pukes_rainbows

Fagan Legacy: Generation 2.5

Just to prove Tristen is, in fact, alive. And jamming out to her iPod on her husband's side of the bed. Um . . . .

So by the way Ruari and Evie are acting here, you'd think Ruari has successfully managed to
make his little sister despise him. Truth of the matter is, Evie and Ruari adore each other.
Poor Kian's always left out when these two get together.

Evie: Cut it out, Ruari! I mean it!
Ruari: Haha, I poked your nose.

Ruari: HA. Try something, Evie. Try it.

Evie: What the hell, man, what the hell? What'd I ever do to you, eh?
Ruari: Aw, come on, it ain't all that bad. I was only messing about.

Evie: Stop following me, Ruari! (++)
Ruari: Wh . . . what'd I do? (++)

I've been trying to take more time for the little uns lately. I felt pretty awful
for not helping Meadow and Da with the triplets. Or, you know . . . Siobhan.


Bradan isn't the sharpest toddler. He's adorable, though.

Mum hired a butler awhile ago. His name's Avri and he's a feckin lifesaver, I tell ya.
He takes care of the boys, he cleans up, he makes dinner. I'm still waitin on him
tending to the garden, though.

I think Eibhlean is possessed. Also, ow.

Da's taken to worrying about his looks all the time, now. He's always got that feckin
mirror with him, he does.
Seamus: Shit, is that . . . is that BROCCOLLI?

Seamus: No. No, that's just the gleam of my perfect white teeth. Oh, Fagan, you
are fit, ain't ya?

Meanwhile, Siobhan's grown up into a beautiful teenager, she has. Though I'm a little
terrified of her teenage years. I seen my older sister go through it and she was fairly
docile as a kid.

Da's friend, Chuck (NOT Mitch) has taken a liking to our Ruari. I've told Da never to
invite him back to the house ever again.

Where's Daddy? Where's Daddy? Where did Daddy go?

Liam: Daddy? Daddy? . . . Daddy?


Liam: AH. Oh, good, Daddy, I was worried you'd left! :D

Siobhan: Hey! La Fiesta Tech? Yeah, this is Siobhan Fagan. Have you got any
extra dorms? Brilliant! I'll be right there to claim mine!
That's right, I sent Siobhan off to university already. Alas, while she is gorgeous,
she's a clone of Meadow.

Siobhan: So. Excited.
Meadow: By, darling! Don't be late!
Kian: *stares*
onyourown: *shudders*

Oh. Bye, darling!
Meadow: Ugh, Siobhan, when did you last shower? Ugh.

Seamus: Wait! Wait, Siobhan, I didn't even get to say goodbye!

Bye, Siobhan. We hardly knew ye.

The next day . . . .
Oh . . . shit, Meadow, sorry.

Meadow: Ow. No, no. I'm fine. It's alright.


Meadow: Ow . . . .


I'm a gooood husband.
Sure, Murphy. Sure.

Kian: Hullo, mister. My name's Kian. I was told to come out and meet you.
Stephan: Hullo, Kian. My name is Stephan Tsurkinov. You can call me Stephan

Kian: Uh . . . sure.

Stephan: :)

Hey! Pay attention to me! You've just missed a brilliant throw!

Kian: Kiss kiss?
Stephan: That sounds innocent enough.

I'm sort of in love with Stephan, despite his boring face template. He's too freaking

Stephan: Is there something happening behind me?
Kian: *cackle*


Stephan: Ah! Stephan Tsurkinov sees what you did there.





Liam's a happy kid. He's been content with picking his nose and playing with his
boogers his entire toddlerhood. Now, Bradan, on the other hand . . . .

Bradan's proven a bit more difficult.

By the way, you know how I was saying Avri has been a lifesaver? I'm thinking he's more
suited for a smaller house/family combination. There is TRASH on the KITCHeN FLOOR.
Bloody hell.


Birthday time!

Where on earth did Bradan's top lip goooo?


And Liam is an aesthetic copy of Kian.
Liam: I have a hand!

Kian: Ah, man, I woke the llama!
Liam: Amature.

Kian: :O

Liam: . . . .

This is when I realised that Ruari and Bradan are identical, aside from Ruari's blonde
hair and brown eyes . . . .

. . . and Liam and Kian ARe identical. *sigh*

Stephan: Why is Stephan Tsurkinov still here? And why is Kian not playing snooker
with Stephan Tsurkinov?
*pinches cheeks*

So the other night, Da went out at about two in the morning. Not a word to Mum or me
about where he was going, or what he was doing. Just took the motor and left.

Seamus: Ooh, luv, you are fit.
Anna: I like pie!

Seamus: So, uh . . . I'm told your name is Count?
Count: Dat is right. Bleh, bleh.
Seamus: Count, I'd like to chat to you about in-laws. Can we chat about that?

Count: In-laws! Ah, yes, in-laws! I love them. Mine tasted like chicken. Bleh,

Hostess: I KNOW! I know, I'm getting all verklempt just thinkin about it!
White Coat Townie: Hi. Hello. Hi. Hi. Hullo.
Too Much Makeup Townie: ~.*

Count: Don't vurry. You von't feel a ting.
Seamus: Oh. Alright.

Count: Looook into my eyyyyes!
Hostess: Stella? I'm gonna have to call you back.

*Will not make a dazzle joke because that feckin book series is the bane of my existance.
Just look at the pretty Irishman in the pretty purply glow*

Count: *munch*
Seamus: *dreamy* I tink I have a boyfriend now!
That's nice, darling.

Seamus: The Crypt-o-Night club brings me nothing but paaaaain!

Seamus: Bleh, bleh!
Count: Bleh, bleh!
*Ad nauseum . . . . *

Seamus: I'm a vampire! :D
And you're precious as one, darling.

Seamus: Eh . . . hullo, ma'am.

Atrociously Bad Witch: Boil, boil, toil and trouble. Fire burn and cauldron

By the way, this is what happens when you use a custom car. LOL.

So, apparently, Da is now a vampire. Not the scary, bloodsucking kind, mind. Just . . .
Da with paler skin and red eyes.

Evie: *yawn*
Liam: Shut up, Evie, or you'll wake the llama!

Seamus: Ah! Sun! It will be the death of me!
Seamus, as long as you're in the house, you'll be fine.

Seamus: . . . Ah. Alright, then.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the Fagan household . . . .
Meadow: Congratulations on learning to use the toilet, Murphy.
Er . . . thanks. Um . . . you too?

I gave Seamus a nice, steampunky makeover (outfit made by serendipityhq).
This is what happens when I play during NaNoWriMo, while writing a steampunk novel.


Despite being . . . erm, allergic to the sun, Da still insisted on going to work. He
made it back home fine, if you were wonderin.

So Mum is turning fifty-four, yeah? And she insisted on having a nice, small party with
just the nine of us. Da and I decided to invite Niamh and Connor over. As a surprise,
you know?

And what does the Fagan family do during any party? SMUSTLE!

Last look at young Tristen . . . .

Connor: Wish for something, Mum! *toot toot toooooot*

Mum? What're you doing?

Tristen: My whole family's here now. I wanna frame the moment.

Tristen: Ah, this ain't so bad!
Seamus: Wouldn't know, I'll never go through it.
Niamh: Hush, Da!

Tristen: Well? How do I look?

Tristen: Well?
Everyone: *is disgusted*

Look! All of generation two together again!

Well, how do you like your new look, Tristen?
Tristen: :D

While Mum went to take a shower, Niamh, Connor and me went outside to smustle a bit.

Connor: You bored yet, Niamh?
Niamh: Ayuh.
*is oblivious*

Niamh: Up for some more champagne?
Connor: Meadow drank the rest.
Niamh: Fuckin Meadow.
*still oblivious*

*completely oblivious*


We end this update with a shot of Tristen still looking hot as she joins her husband
in steampunk bliss. Awwww.

- Stephan Tsurkinov, you WILL join this legacy. Mark my words. (But I would never make you
change your name *pinches cheeks*
- It's official. Seamus will see this legacy through to generation ten. I promise :)

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I just read this whole legacy in one sitting, and I really enjoyed it. :D It's hilarious! I love the fact that Kian kissed Stephan Tsvirkunov even though he was a complete stranger. Has no one ever told him to stay away from strangers? XD
I'm glad you like it!

And really, no one in the Fagan family practises any kind of safety. I don't have a picture of it, but Meadow used to drop the kids in the way of cars when they were babies. So it's really no surprise that Kian has no qualms about kissing a strange man. Haha.

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