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Jul. 19th, 2008

blur // um what?


Fagan Legacy: Videos

So while I'm writing up the next Fagan post (and I am writing it up, I promise), I found a few videos from the house. Nothing spectacular, but they are cute.

y hallo thurCollapse )

Baby Murphy being abso-freaking-lutely adorableCollapse )

Then you're on your ohhhh-ooh-ohhh-ownCollapse )

The Fagan Mating Dance (c)Collapse )

Reason Number 41, Why Seamus is, indeed, Amazing and Should Never Ever Ever DieCollapse )

Please forgive the delay in posting. The Fagan household has suddenly become much, much more frustrating and time-consuming. Oi gevalt.

Jul. 5th, 2008

doctor who // awkward!


Fagan Legacy: Generation 2.1.5

I see nothing, I hear nothing, I know nothingCollapse )
doctor who // batshit!


Quick Update

A peek at Gen 3Collapse )

If you're a part of pixel_trade, you can now have the Fagans in your Pixel Trade family! simsforaranya brought the community to my attention and since I'm Seamus is such a slut, I figured I'd entered him. Right now only Seamus and Tristen are up for download at the Adopt a Fagan post, but hopefully tomorrow I'll get the chance to upload Niamh, Murphy, Connor and Meadow as well.

New post coming . . . eventually. Erm . . . .

Jun. 16th, 2008

doctor who // *knock knock*


Fagan Family Tree

Just a quick family tree, nothing special. As it gets bigger (and I have more time), I'll try and make it more pleasing to the eye, but for now this will suffice.

I press trigger I don't press people buttonCollapse )

Jun. 15th, 2008

misc // red


Fagan Legacy: Generation 2.1

The college years may be a bit more commentary than the previous updates since I HATE UNIVERSITY AND PLAY ON DOUBLE SPEED.

Warnings: Um . . . nothing, really.

They say 'Oh, you graduated?' No, I decided I was finishedCollapse )

There wasn't much Niamh in this update because she usually stuck to her bedroom playing on the computer or working on her schoolwork. Next update I'll be trying to get her romance wants filled and I might even send Chris Bruty to university.

All three kids finished their freshman year with 4.0s. That part wasn't hard. The hard part was keeping myself entertained while playing.

Jun. 6th, 2008

blur // for the win!


Fagan Legacy: Generation 1.5

Warnings: Swearing, one offensive word, some very silly pop culture references,
Murphy overload, not dial-up safe (lots of images)

. . . Stop thatCollapse )

- Murphy's dancing to "On Your Own" by Blur (fitting, ne?)
- Connor's dancing to "Prince Charming" by Adam and the Ants
- Vincent speaks Dutch. Get it? Ar ar ar.
- If you don't get the Who references, I pity you.

May. 17th, 2008

doctor who // daylight


Fagan Legacy: Generation 1.4

So I've had this update ready for nearly a week now, but alas, rather than post, I somehow found it more beneficial to do my homework. Now, I may have another update done sometime this week, but I'm coming up on my final semester of college, so I'll be work work WORKING on my papers, exams, projects, whatever. The Fagans will, again, be bumped to second place on my priorities list. Er . . . sorry?

Warnings: Swearing. And teenagers.

%$£@&*!Collapse )

As always, stats are located here and have been updated with the boys' information. Seamus is up for download here. Tristen should be coming soon, as well.

May. 4th, 2008

doctor who // blah blah blah


Fagan Legacy: Stats

Just a few quick stats on the family, for anyone interested.

STATSCollapse )
meantime // wha'?


Fagan Legacy: Generation 1.3

Warning: Swearing, dry humour, awkward fraternal twin, some obscure (and not so obscure) references

(And just for reference, Seamus is always in regular font and my own notes are in italics.)

Life in a box is better than no life at all, I expect. You'd have a chance, at least. You could lie there thinking, 'Well. At least I'm not dead.'Collapse )

For stats on the Fagans (including aspirations and LTW), they're all here.

Apr. 28th, 2008

spn // frontierland // dean 2



It's a short list for now, but I'll try and add to it as I figure out what came from where.

ResourcesCollapse )

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