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pukes_rainbows's Journal

So happy I could puke rainbows
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This? Is a Sim journal for onyourown. At the moment, all you'll find here is the beginnings of a fun little legacy started by pretty Irish boy Seamus Fagan. He loves himself. A lot. A lot a lot.

For pronounciations and meanings of any of the Fagans' names, check out Irish Baby Names.

Generation One:

Founder: Seamus Fagan (pronounced Shay-muss)
Spouse: Tristen Fagan (nee Huffman)

Generation Two:

Niamh Fagan (pronounced NEEV)
Gen 2 Heir: Murphy Fagan
Spouse: Meadow Fagan (nee Thayer)
Connor Fagan

Generation Three:

Siobhan Fagan (pronounced shu-VAWN)
Kian Fagan (pronounced KEY-in)
Ruari Fagan (pronounced RO-ree)
Eibhleann Fagan (pronounced AVE-linn)
Liam Fagan
Bradan Fagan